The following are the most common services performed in Dr. Feldman's office:

Orthotics - Orthotics are shoe inserts that are custom made to fit you and to treat painful conditions such as flat feet, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis and neuromas. Orthotics are intended to correct an abnormal or irregular walking patterns, by altering slightly the angles at which the foot strikes a walking or running surface.

Ingrown Nails – Ingrown toenails are caused by the growth of the toenail into the surrounding nail fold. Symptoms include pain and swelling at the site. Chronic, painful ingrown toenails can usually be teated, permanently, with a simple procedure that prevents the regrowth of the ingrown portion of the nail.

Fungal Infections – These infections may start out as a white or yellow spot under the tip of your toenail. As the nail fungus spreads deeper into your nail, it may cause your nail to discolor, thicken and develop crumbling edges, an unsightly and potentially painful problem. These infections should be treated as soon as possible. If left untreated, they can lead to dangerous blood infections. There are medications we can provide to clear up these infections.

Diabetic Foot Care – Foot care complications are very common for diabetic patients and we emphasize the importance of regular podiatric examinations to check for any ulcerations or infections. Early treatment can help prevent further serious consequences.

Bunions, Hammertoes, Corns and Calluses are very common conditions. These can be treated with permanent removal. We can also treat these conditions on a temporary basis, giving our patients temporary relief. The patient has the final say on how we treat their condition.

Laser Treatment for Fungus Nails- Say goodbye to embarrassing toenail fungus. With this treatment, we use PinPointe technology to easily and effectively kill the fungus that lives in and under the toenail.

Pinpointe Laser Treatment- Stop suffering the pain and embarrassment of unsightly nail fungus. PinPointe FootLaser is the easy and convenient treatment that helps turn your discolored and disfigured nails into clearer, healthier looking nails.

House Calls Available - Our office offers house calls, which are available upon request. If you need immediate attention, please call our office and speak to one of our staff members.